Online workshop: Pasta making and its history

Pasta is commonly associated with Italy, and indeed there are more than 300 types of pasta to be found on its peninsula!

Join me on Sunday, June 21, 2020 at 18:00 PM CET (12:00 PM EDT), for fresh handmade pasta making from scratch. We’ll prepare cavatelli, a precious recipe from Southern Italy. I will also introduce you to a couple of other short pasta shapes — orecchiette and strascinate for all of which you won’t need a pasta machine, not even a rolling pin — simply a wooden board and a knife!

Did you know ancient Romans already ate some kind of pasta, laganum, which might have been a kind of lasagne, or maybe an unleavened pie crust? It’s not entirely clear, and pasta as we know it only came to Italy later… While our hands will be kept busy, we’ll also discuss the rich history of Italian pasta and its unlikely origins (no spoilers here).

More info and booking here:

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