In the 1st century CE, the Roman poet Martial wrote an invitation to a Saturnalia banquet: "You will dine nicely at my house, Julius Cerealis. If you have no better engagement, come! Come at the eighth hour; we will bathe together--you know how near to me Stephanus' baths are.As a first course you will be... Continue Reading →

VAWAA workshop Easter in Italy: Traditions, Food and Photography

When Easter gets close, Puglia starts with its traditions, processions, and above all, its kitchens. Long processions spread all over the little streets of the small towns, and kitchens start to cook for this joyful event. With its stunning nature and number of picturesque towns, Puglia province provides one of the most authentic experiences of... Continue Reading →

NEW: Cooking on the Move—100 simple gourmet recipes for mobile kitchens

The book presents simplified classic dishes from European and international cuisine that require not only fewer kitchen utensils, but also less effort to wash up, thus making the recipes suitable for small kitchens, for students and generally for anyone who likes to eat well but is afraid of too much effort. The recipes in this... Continue Reading →

NEW: Vegetus – Vegetarian Recipes from the Past

VEGETUS (Latin for lively or vivacious) presents a number of historical vegetarian recipes from the Ancient Near East, Classical Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance that can be easily recreated at home, in a standard household kitchen. The broad time frame of this book allows an overview of traditions, developments and innovations in the... Continue Reading →

Egg magic and magic eggs

Chicken eggs laid on Good Friday were once considered particularly powerful. According to popular belief, they could either predict the harvest of the coming year or, eaten raw or cooked, protect against disease. A Philosopher's Egg And this is a Philosopher's Egg. A what? According to E. Cobham Brewer (Dictionary of Phrase and Fable 1894),... Continue Reading →

2022 workshops

Street photography workshops with Manoocher Deghati  Learn from a globally renowned photojournalist at his vineyard in the picturesque Valle d’Itria: This workshop with Manoocher Deghati will be focused on how to approach people and how to establish a friendly relationship to make everyone feel comfortable with taking photos and having their photos taken. Then you’ll... Continue Reading →

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