VAWAA workshop Easter in Italy: Traditions, Food and Photography

When Easter gets close, Puglia starts with its traditions, processions, and above all, its kitchens. Long processions spread all over the little streets of the small towns, and kitchens start to cook for this joyful event. With its stunning nature and number of picturesque towns, Puglia province provides one of the most authentic experiences of... Continue Reading →

2022 workshops

Street photography workshops with Manoocher Deghati  Learn from a globally renowned photojournalist at his vineyard in the picturesque Valle d’Itria: This workshop with Manoocher Deghati will be focused on how to approach people and how to establish a friendly relationship to make everyone feel comfortable with taking photos and having their photos taken. Then you’ll... Continue Reading →

Photo Workshop with Manoocher Deghati: Settimana Santa – The Holy Week in the Valle d’Itria

April 4th - 14th, 2020 "A wonderful week spent at the Trullo Cicerone in the Valle d'Itria, Puglia, enjoying our shared passion of photography. Lessons, conversations, trips, tips and mentoring all made possible with the generosity of this man -  thank you for your time, wisdom and sharing your life’s photographic adventures and stories. Also a huge... Continue Reading →

Photography workshop

We are delighted to offer you Photography Classes with Manoocher Deghati: an opportunity to improve your skills, reflect, present and exchange experience in a unique and inspiring place, within a small group of participants. The workshops are designed for all passionates of photography. It focuses specifically on developing mind and eye for choosing the right angle... Continue Reading →

Dolphin watching

We went on a boat trip from Taranto with the Jonian Dolphin Conservation research association to watch dolphins in the Gulf of Taranto. It was really spectacular and therefore I really wanted to recommend it. By watching dolphins with Jonian Dolphin Conservation in the  you don’t only take a boat trip together with the marine biologists and volunteers who... Continue Reading →


Archery is a pleasant and relaxing sport. It has been practised forever, or so it seems. When did humans really start using bow and arrow? And how did all the different types of bows develop: recurve bow, flatbow, longbow (that's what I use), self bow, or the composite bow? Bow and arrow have been used by... Continue Reading →

The archaeology of cooking

As an archaeologist and food historian, I offer culinary archaeology workshops, featuring the history of Mediterranean and European cuisines. Ancient recipes surprise with their - for us - unusual combination of tastes and aromas, blending the salty, the sweet, the sour and the spicy into astounding combinations.

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