Photography Retreat: The Holy Week in Puglia

13-23 april, 2019 This ten day workshop in visual storytelling will be focusing on the traditions and rites of the Settimana Santa, the Holy Week, in Puglia, and the subsequent Easter celebrations. Puglia is a region of unparalleled depth of religious traditions, with plenty of local variations and peculiarities. Participants will visit and photograph beautiful... Continue Reading →


Photography Retreat: Olive special

15-20 october 2018 22-27 october 2018 29 october – 3 november 2018 4-10 november 2018 Located in the Valle d'Itria in Puglia, Southern Italy, the retreat is an opportunity for photography passionates to improve their skills, reflect, present and exchange experience in a unique and inspiring place, within a small group of participants under the... Continue Reading →


Archery is a pleasant and relaxing sport. It has been practised forever, or so it seems. When did humans really start using bow and arrow? And how did all the different types of bows develop: recurve bow, flatbow, longbow (that's what I use), self bow, or the composite bow? Bow and arrow have been used by... Continue Reading →

A dinner fit for a knight

A medieval dinner featuring Apulian ingredients: A meat and mushroom pie, crepes with chicken cooked in spiced wine with apples, vegetables, fire roasted onions with verjuice and olive oil, cheese, pears poached in red wine, and bread baked from home grown wheat. Not to forget the wine, of course.  

Ancient Roman dinner

I've been preparing a historic dinner from Ancient Rome, based on recipes from Apicius' cookbook De re coquinaria, with lots of good and organic ingredients from our own soil. Starting with conditum paradoxum, a sweet, wine-based aperitif, some Roman bread baked with bay leaves, moretum - a herb and garlic cream cheese, eggs in ovis... Continue Reading →

Autumn at the trullo

Autumn is my favorite season at the trullo: the warm colours, the cold weather, the comfort of staying nice and warm and dry while looking through the window into a stormy outside world, not to forget the fact that most outdoors work is done for the moment, not to forget the culinary point of view.

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