NEW: Vegetus – Vegetarian Recipes from the Past

VEGETUS (Latin for lively or vivacious) presents a number of historical vegetarian recipes from the Ancient Near East, Classical Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance that can be easily recreated at home, in a standard household kitchen. The broad time frame of this book allows an overview of traditions, developments and innovations in the history of the culinary arts. 

Humans have cooked food since they discovered how to control fire, always aiming at using available ingredients to make the most of it. The result is a rich and long history of recipes, tasty and resourceful. We can hardly imagine cooking today without all the ingredients that were unknown in the Old World before their introduction from America: potatoes, tomatoes, chilies, squash, most types of beans, corn, chocolate…. These ingredients conquered the kitchens of the world and yet there were rich culinary traditions that did without them: Italy without tomatoes, Germany without potatoes, Asia without chilies? But yes!

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