VAWAA workshop Easter in Italy: Traditions, Food and Photography

When Easter gets close, Puglia starts with its traditions, processions, and above all, its kitchens. Long processions spread all over the little streets of the small towns, and kitchens start to cook for this joyful event.

With its stunning nature and number of picturesque towns, Puglia province provides one of the most authentic experiences of traditional Easter celebrations.

Join culinary historian Ursula and world-renowned photojournalist Manoocher on their sustainable farm estate in southern Italy to witness the historic festivities through food, photography, and celebrations.

During the week, you’ll witness the ceremonies through your camera lens, learn to cook and savor historical cuisine from the region, and stay in a traditional Trullo typical of this region. 

This opportunity offers a unique view of the region’s traditional Holy Week celebrations, from the eerie Quarantana to the moving “Processione della Desolata.” This is a VAWAA you can’t miss.

See the itinerary and details here.

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