Onion calendar 2021

The onion calendar is an old and almost forgotten form of a New Year’s oracle from Central Europe, aiming at predicting the coming year’s weather, which was important for farmers.
At New Year’s Eve, they cut an onion in half, laying out 12 “cups” of onion layers, according to the months of the year, and sprinkle them with salt. The next morning they would see how much liquid had formed inside the onion cups and from that predict that month’s precipitation.

According to my onion oracle, we’re going to have a dry January and February, a moderate March, a very wet April, the months May to August being dry again, lots of rain in September, some in October and no rain whatsoever in November and December.

(Disclaimer: I don’t believe in it – it’s just a curiosity.)

Anyway – Happy New Year!

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