Ancient Winter Solstice Feasts

We’ve observed the summer and winter solstices for as long as humans have been around. In fact, one of the most popular western celebrations today, Christmas, is reminiscent of the winter solstice celebrations. Known as the darkest time of the year, when days are short and little work is to be done outdoors, there’s plenty of time to sit around a cozy fireplace, protected from evil spirits, and celebrate.

In honour of these ancient traditions, learn how to prepare four distinct ancient feastsDiscover customs not only through recipes, but also through rich storytelling by the fireplace and around the dinner table

Persian Yalda

A cultivated evening of fragrant dishes, plenty of preserved fruits, wine, and poetry, not to mention the bibliomancy (foretelling the future from books).

Roman Saturnalia

The festival whereby everything was allowed— from drinking, open criticism of the powerful, the mingling of slaves and masters, women and men, over-the-top coloured clothes, and of course, an abundance of food and plenty to drink. Find out what happened to the ancient human sacrifices, too.

Medieval Christmas 

Christmas has arrived to Europe’s calendars but it is celebrated differently from what we know today. No Christmas tree but – you might have guessed – plenty of mouthwatering food and wine.

Southern Italian Christmas

The traditional menu of a Southern Italian Christmas is rich—very rich— and also lasts a lifetime. It features classic Mediterranean cuisine at its best and much storytelling. Forget about Santa, it’s a witch who brings the gifts…

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