Ancient Roman dinner

I’ve been preparing a historic dinner from Ancient Rome, based on recipes from Apicius’ cookbook De re coquinaria, with lots of good and organic ingredients from our own soil. Starting with conditum paradoxum, a sweet, wine-based aperitif, some Roman bread baked with bay leaves, moretum – a herb and garlic cream cheese, eggs in ovis apalis, and olives, followed by cicercula de castaneis (chickpeas with chestnuts), slow-cooked lamb Parthian style, carrots in sweet wine, and finally dried fig-and-almond cake wrapped in fig leaves. Not to forget the wine, of course.

Bene sapiat!

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    1. Thank you! Yes, that is actually the “conditum paradoxum”: wine with honey and spices. It is more considered an aperitif, though. I prefer pure wine anyways. Romans, and also Greeks, spiced and sweetened their wine because it did not have the quality we are used to nowadays. Apparently it was rather terrible.


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